Dice Dreams Error 212 Not Working Fixes (iOS And Android)

If your Dice Dreams is not loading and you see error message 212, then try these possible fixes.

Is your Dice Dreams not working and you see an error message “Something Went Wrong: 212”? Many players are dealing with the issue and have been unable to log in to the game. There can be several reasons for getting the error. At the time of writing no official statement has been made by the developers regarding the problem. So we cannot specify the problem. Plus, developers might be working on the fix. Meanwhile, you can try these solutions to fix the problem and resume playing.

How to Fix Error 212 Not Working Issue of Dice Dreams

How to Fix Error 212 Not Working Issue of Dice Dreams

Restart the Internet

This is the first thing you should do whenever such errors occur. So restart your router if you are using Wi-Fi. And switch the network to see if it’s a Wi-Fi issue. If you are playing with mobile data, check your internet speed using speed test applications. You can also search “Internet speed test” on Google and press Run Speed Test to check the speed.

Check for the Update

If your internet is stable, then go to the Google Play Store or App Store. Use the search bar to find Dice Dreams. And check if there is a new update. If there is, then press the Update button and wait for the app to update and restart.

Re-login Your Account

Your account might not be linked, or you didn’t verify it. So first re-login from the same account. See if you received the mail. Verify it and restart the app. If you are still seeing error message 212 in Dice Dreams, then log in from a different account to check if the issue is with all accounts or only that.

Clear Cache to Fix Error 212 of Dice Dreams

  • Go to Settings and search to find Dice Dreams.
  • Tap on the game, and it will take you to details.
  • You will either see the Storage option or the Clear Cache button here. If you are seeing Clear Cache, then use it to remove caches. But if you are seeing Storage, then go into the Storage. There you will see the Clear Cache button.
  • These steps might vary depending on the model and version of your device.

Contact Support

If none of the solutions worked. You can contact the game’s support team. Send an email to “[email protected]“. And also check their Facebook handle to learn if a fix has been rolled by the developers.

These were all the possible solutions to fix Something Went Wrong: 212 error of Dice Dreams. We have covered topics from many games. So if you like casual, dice, and board games, you should check out our mobile game guides.