How To Equip Trinkets In Deathloop

Surviving in Deathloop can be tough. But if you equip Trinkets it might get a bit easier.

While playing Deathloop you will die a lot. Something which helps your character is Trinkets. These will not only come in handy by improving your character but can also help with your weapons. While playing you will come across a lot of them but just having them won’t do you any good unless you equip them. So in this guide let’s see how to equip trinkets in Deathloop.

How to Equip Trinkets in Deathloop

how to equip trinkets deathloop
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There are two different types of Trinkets in Deathloop. They are Character and Weapon Trinkets. Character Trinkets lets you do stuff like move faster, increase your health, etc. While weapon Trinkets let you control your recoil, magazine size, damage, etc. Let us check how you can equip both these types of Trinkets.

How to Equip Character Trinkets

These are the steps to equip character trinkets:

  • Head to the Loadout screen.
  • On the left side of the screen, you will see 4 diamond-shaped slots.
  • Tap on them and select the trinket you wish to equip.
  • You can equip four such trinkets to enhance your character.

How to Equip Weapon Trinkets

These are the steps to equip weapon trinkets:

  • Open the loadout screen.
  • Hover over the weapon you wish to add trinkets to.
  • Press the triangle button.
  • Now on left, you will see trinket slots for that weapon.
  • Select the slot.
  • Next, select the trinket you wish to add to the weapon and press the X button.

You can find Trinkets hidden throughout Blackreef. Furthermore, you can get them by defeating enemies. Not all Trinkets are the same though. The tougher the foe the more powerful Trinket you will find.

That sums up this guide on how to equip Trinkets. If you like playing this game be sure to check our other guide on how to get outfits in Deathloop.