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Side With The Hunter, Emissary Or Neither In Starfield?

Wondered about The Hunter and The Emissary in Starfield? Discover what happens when you choose to side with each of them.

Should you side with the Hunter or the Emissary in Starfield? Some of the most mysterious characters you’ll encounter on your journey are The Hunter and The Emissary. These characters’ motives and backstories remain shrouded in secrecy for much of the game, yet their presence hints at a larger purpose that will eventually be revealed.

As an expert tracker and survivalist, The Hunter approaches you offering their services in locating Artifacts across distant planets. Though they seem harmless at first, it soon becomes clear that he knows more about the nature of these objects than they initially let on. Let’s see what happens when you choose the Hunter or the Emissary in Starfield.

Should You Choose the Emissary or the Hunter in Starfield?

Who Is The Hunter And The Emissary In Starfield?

One of Starfield’s biggest plot twists reveals that The Hunter is an alternate reality version of Father Aquilus, a pious man you previously spoke to about the Unity. At first, this appears contradictory, since the two men have extremely different personalities and values. However, it connects back to Starfield’s lore about the multiverse and the mystical Unity artifact. By entering the Unity’s light, people can be reborn as Starborn in new universes.

What Happens when you Side with Hunter in Starfield?

The Hunter presents an enticing offer – if you agree that the artifacts in Starfield should go to whoever claims them first, he will help you defeat the Emissary in the final battle. This path leads you to betray Keeper Quilus, killing him in a mission given by The Hunter. With The Hunter as an ally against The Emissary, you are rewarded with the legendary Eternity’s Gate beam rifle.

Who Is The Hunter And The Emissary In Starfield?

What Happens when you side with the Emissary in Starfield?

Choosing to ally with the Emissary by agreeing that the artifacts belong in responsible hands leads to a powerful reward in Starfield – the Unmitigated Violence legendary laser rifle. If you support the Emissary’s perspective, he will aid you against The Hunter in the climactic showdown. The Unmitigated Violence rifle provides immense energy damage output thanks to its 125 base damage and 50-round magazine size.

While not quite as statistically strong as the Eternity’s Gate, the Unmitigated Violence rifle offers fearsome power for siding with the righteous mission of the Emissary. Aligning with his principles allows you to take the moral high ground while gaining a top-tier weapon for the final battles.

Hunter, Emissary or Neither?

So if you choose Hunter, you have to fight Emissary and vice versa. If you choose Neither, you will have to fight both – or not, depending on your background in the game.

That’s everything you need to know about The Hunter or The Emissary choice in Starfield. Check out more tips and tricks for this game in our Starfield guides section on Gamer Tweak.