V Rising: What Is Elitepvpers & Should You Use It?

Heard of V Rising Elitepvpers but not sure what it is? Check out this guide to learn about it and whether you should use it or not.

If you are getting into V Rising or looking to get into it then you must have heard of Elitepvpers. This is an account trading website that players can use to buy or sell their V Rising accounts. But is that the only service it provides or is there more to it? In this guide let us check what V Rising Elitepvpers is and if you should use it.

What is V Rising Elitepvpers?

v rising elitepvpers what it is and should you use it

As mentioned above, Elitepvpers is an account trading website that allows players to sell or buy accounts. If you search for it you will find several people selling their game account, selling game cheats, account with both game and DLC, and other offers. You will also see players requesting to buy similar accounts. Thus if you intend to use this site you could be on either side. That is you could either sell your account or buy someone else’s account.

Now that you know about what it is, this raises the question should you use it?

Should you use Elitepvpers?

I think you should AVOID using such sites. There are two problems here, the first and the most important reason is even if the site might be legit, there is a chance the account seller or buyer might be a scammer. Thus if you do use such a service there is a good chance you will lose your money in exchange for nothing. The second reason you shouldn’t use it is at the time of writing this article there were no accounts that sell you the game with even some level of progress. Thus you are better off buying the game yourself and playing it rather than getting scammed.

Do remember we don’t know if this site is legit or not. This site could be genuine, or a scam which is the case with many such trading sites. This guide is only for educational purposes, we DO NOT support the use of such sites. So if you do end up using them remember that you are doing it at your own risk.

That covers this guide on what V Rising Elitepvpers is and if you should use it. Since you are interested in playing this game you should check out our early game guide and solo beginners guide for V Rising.