Electric Lighter In Sons Of The Forest – All You Need To Know

Here is a guide on how the Electric Lighter works in Sons of The Forest.

Want to know the uses of the Electric Lighter in Sons of The Forest? Then look no further. The Electrical Lighter is among the most underrated vital items in this survival game. This guide will help you understand what makes the lighter so invaluable. Keep reading to find out!

How Does the Electric Lighter Work in Sons of The Forest

electric lighter inventory
Image Credit: WoW Quests (YouTube)

The Electric Lighter can be used to light fires or simply be used as a source of light in Sons of The Forest. It has a case which is impact resistant and its flame emits a violet light. From lighting fires to sticks for cooking food to igniting a Torch, the electric lighter is up for every task. If you have more questions regarding the Electric Lighter, then refer to our FAQ below:


When Will I Get the Electric Lighter?

Luckily, you don’t have to go out of your way to get the Electric Lighter. You will already have it as a part of your emergency survival kit during the start of the game. So, unlike most of the other items in Sons of The Forest, you won’t have to worry about searching or crafting to obtain the lighter.

Does It Run Out?

Since the lighter is electric, it won’t deplete at all. You can use it as much as you like right up till the ending of Sons of The Forest. Moreover, even though it is electric, you won’t need to charge the lighter. In simple words, the Electric Lighter’s usage is unlimited.

How to Unequip the Lighter

To unequip the Electric Lighter, all you need to do is press the “G” key on your PC. Doing this will send the lighter back to your inventory.

That’s all you need to know about the Electric Lighter works in Sons of The Forest. For more things related the survival game, head to our Sons of The Forest section on Gamer Tweak.