How To Get Echo Locators In No Man’s Sky

Locate the Harmonic Camp by resonating these Echo Locators in No Man’s Sky.

No Man’s Sky (NMS) now has new corrupted planets that can have Harmonic Camps, but these can be found only by using the Echo Locator. When corruption takes over a planet, it starts corrupting the sentinels on it as well. You can tell it’s a corrupted planet if it has purple crystal shards all over its surface. Thankfully, even echo locators themselves can be found on these corrupted planets. Let’s take a look at how you can find them.

How to Get an Echo Locator in No Man’s Sky

echo locator no mans sky nms

Echo Locators in No Man’s Sky can be found on corrupted planets by destroying Dissonance Resonators. These are large robots that mine the surface of corrupted planets. You can find them scattered in any location on a corrupted planet. If you go around enough in any direction you’ll stumble upon one soon enough. They can also be spotted from your starship while flying over the surface in NMS.

Once you find them, get ready for a fight since they will likely be surrounded by corrupted sentinels. Attacking a Dissonance Resonator will put a wanted level on you. You also might need to destroy multiple Dissonance Resonators before you get an Echo Locator to drop as it is not always guaranteed to drop.

Once you get an Echo Locator to drop, you can interact with it in your inventory and make it ‘Resonate’. This will result in a Harmonic Camp waypoint being revealed. Keep in mind that if the corrupted planet is a barren planet with no atmosphere or an exotic planet, the Echo Locator will not work. But don’t worry as you can just go to any other system with a corrupted planet and use it there as well.

That is how you can find Echo Locators in No Man’s Sky (NMS). For More guides like this, check out our other articles on No Man’s Sky like how to find Dissonance Resonators and how to find Sentinel Pillars.