Diablo 4 Platinum Currency: How To Earn & Get (Guide)

It’s not just you; many players are trying to figure out ways to earn the Platinum currency in Diablo 4. As veteran players would be familiar with, this premium currency can be used to buy various cosmetics items. That includes mounts, emotes, armor, and multiple skins. If you’re planning to buy some of those items but are unsure how to get your hands on the currency, we’ve got you covered. So without waiting any further, let’s see how you can do this.

How Can To Earn Diablo 4 Platinum Currency

Diablo 4: How To Earn & Get Platinum (Currency Guide)
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In Diablo 4, players can only earn Platinum currency by buying it with real-life money. Apart from that, there are no other means to earn this premium currency. So if you like what you see in the in-game cosmetic shop, you’ll have to loosen your pockets. We have mentioned the prices of all the available Platinum Packs for your reference. So you can decide which one you should go with.

Platinum Price (USD)
11,500 $99.99
5,700 $49.99
2,800 $24.99
1,000 $9.99
500 $4.99
200 $1.99

If you’ve bought the Platinum pack but are dicey about where you should invest it, scroll for more details.

Where Should I Spend Platinum Coins in D4?

Where Should I Spend Platinum in D4 and invest

As mentioned above, you can spend your Platinum currency on various cosmetic items in the in-game shop. You can buy multiple accessories, equipment, armor sets, mounts, and more. If you don’t like the cosmetics you see, we recommend you avoid rushing in and wait until the shop refreshes.

Our other advice for you is to invest your 1,000 Platinum in Battle Pass, as there will be 90 tiers to unlock that will get you various BP-exclusive rewards. But do note the starting 27 tiers are free for all. This means the exclusive items will come in the remaining 63 tiers. Players can even buy the Accelerated Battle pass to skip the first 20 tiers and directly hop on the path to get BP rewards. Moreover, completion of all the tiers will get you 1000 Platinum, which you can reinvest in buying the Diablo 4 BP.

Can I Get Platinum for Free in Diablo IV?

Unfortunately, you can’t get Platinum for free. As stated above, spending Real-life money is the only way to get some. Even the first free 27 BP tiers don’t contain any free currency. So it seems the only free Platinum you can get is the Platinum Trophy, which comes after you’ve collected all other trophies.

That’s all from us on how you can earn & get Platinum currency in Diablo 4. While you’re here, don’t forget to look at this Microtransactions guide. Also, check for any new D4 codes for free in-game rewards.

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