Dyson Sphere Program: How to Ship Items Between Planets

Here's a quick guide on how to move items from one planet to another in the Dyson Sphere Program.

Dyson Sphere Program might allow you to explore different planets to harvest more exotic resources but you can’t fly these resources back to your home planets. There are hundreds of players who have been wondering how to move or shift their items from one planet to another planet in the Dyson Sphere Program and if that’s you then look no further as we have got you covered.

Before we explain how to ship items between planets in the Dyson Sphere Program, let me tell you that you will have to create Interstellar Logistics Stations first.

Dyson Sphere Program: How to Ship Items From One Planet To Another

Shifting items between planets fall under the realm of Logistics research in the Dyson Sphere Program. The first major research that you will conduct in logistics is Planetary Logistics System, giving you access to the Planetary Logistic Station.

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Once the item’s technology reaches a certain level, the Logistics drones will help you transport materials from one station to another station on the same planet. It should be noted that this would not let you move items from one planet to another planet. To do so, you will have to build the Interstellar Logistics System.

Here are all the necessary materials that you need to create the Interstellar Logistics System:

  • 1200 Electromagnetic Matrix (Blue Science)
  • 1200 Energy Matrix (Red Science)
  • 120 Structure Matrix (Yellow Science)

Once you are done researching the Interstellar Logistics System, you will be granted access to the Interstellar Logistics Station and Logistics Vessel, the ship that will help you move item between planets.

How To Set Up Interstellar Logistics Station

To shift items between planets in the Dyson Sphere Program, you will need to create an Interstellar Logistic Station on your home planet. Once the tower built, make sure you have enough power to support the system.

Once the station is constructed, create the Logistics Vessel and fill the station with them. There are five slots on your station where you will have to set your supply and demand. In the game, your home planet usually get resources from the Solar system and galaxy.

Here’s how to make request resources from another planet:

  • Click and Empty Slot and Select the resource you want to request.
  • On the right, click Remote Supply
  • Change it to Remote Demand

If resources are available, the Logistics Vessels will go and pick the demanded resources from the tower. It should be noted that the Logistics Vessels will not leave until there are at least 200 available resources to pick up.

Once you have a four-station setup, you will be able to travel to another planet and set up the second one.

How To Set Up The Remote Interstellar Logistics Stations

Setting up the remote Interstellar Logistic station is straightforward. What all you need to do is build the tower and run belts into it with the resource you wish to export. Once the tower is built, open the Station Menu and click on an empty slot. Select the resources that you want to move to another planet and leave both the Local supply and Remote supply settings alone.

Once your station has all of the resources and charges, the vessells will dispatch from your home planet to pick up the items.

That’s everything you need to know about how to ship items between planets in the Dyson Sphere Program.

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