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How to Get Fuel in Dyson Sphere Program

Here's a complete of fuel sources and their stats in the Dyson Sphere Program.

Dyson Sphere Program is the latest simulation developed by Youthcat Studio for Microsoft Windows. Those who have already played simulation games know the importance of having fuel or anything that produce energy. Since Dyson Sphere Program is a factory simulation game, you are going to need a lot of fuel to run your factory.

There are numerous fuel sources in the Dyson Sphere Program but since the game has just released players have been struggling to get fuel in the game. If you too are not aware of the process of how to obtain fuel in the Dyson Sphere Program, you should keep reading this guide.


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How to Get Fuel in The Dyson Sphere Program

Initially, you would not need much fuel to fill up your mecha suits fuel champer but later you will need to have a lot of fuels in the game. The first fuel source that you will witness in the Dyson Sphere Program is coal ore.


Notably, you can manually mine the coal nodes to get enough coal but you must put minors down on the node as quickly as you can. There is no denying that the game has a staggering number of fuel sources but each source has unique stats.

To check fule’s stats in the Dyson Sphere Program, you will have to hover over the item in your inventory. If the item that you hover on is a fuel source, you will be shown at the top of the tooltip. Apart from this, you will also be shown the Fuel Chamber Gen and Energy.

For the unversed, Energy is the amount of power the fuel will output and the Fuel Chamber gen is a multiplier on the burn time.


List Of All Dyson Sphere Program Fuels & Stats

Here’s a complete of fuel sources and their stats in the Dyson Sphere Program:

Fuel Energy Fuel Chamber Gen
Carbon Nanotube 84.0 kJ -80%
Graphene 96.0 kJ -70%
Plant fuel 500 kJ -30%
Diamond 900 kJ -50%
Log 1.5 MJ -10%
Organic Crystal 1.80 MJ -20%
Coal Ore 2.70 MJ 0%
Crude Oil 4.00 MJ +20%
Refined Oil 4.40 MJ +30%
Fire Ice 4.80 MJ +40%
Energetic graphite 6.30 MJ +60%
Hydrogen 8.00 MJ +100%
Deuterium 8.00 MJ +100%
Hydrogen fuel rod 40.0 MJ +200%
Deuteron fuel rod 600 MJ +300%
Antimatter fuel rod 7.50 GJ +500%



That’s everything you need to know about how to get fuels in the Dyson Sphere Program.