Dyson Sphere Program Save File Location On PC & Steam

Here's a quick guide on where is the save file location in the Dyson Sphere Program.

Dyson Sphere Program has been released and there are players who have already played the entire game. However, there are tons of players who have not yet discovered where Save File is in the game.

We all know how bad it feels when our Save File gets corrupted following updates. With that mind, we have curated a guide explaining where to find Game File in the Dyson Sphere Program (DSP) and protect yourself from getting frustrated. Once you know where Save File is located in DSP, you will be able to backup it.

There is one more reason why you should back up your save file in the Dyson Sphere Program. Once you backup your save file, you will be able to share it with your friends, letting them check out the factories you have built in the game. The only reason why we are asking you to do this is the game does not have multiplayer functionality at the moment.

Save File Location for Dyson Sphere Program

In the Dyson Sphere Program, the save file can be found at the following location.

Windows PC:

%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Dyson Sphere Program\Save

If you are struggling to find Save File location on your PC, you can copy-paste the above address into your file explorer and find your save files in the Dyson Sphere Program.

Linux (Steam Play)


That’s everything you should know about where to find Save File in the Dyson Sphere Program. While here, you might be interested to read about how to get fuel and how to get Borderless Window in Dyson Sphere Program.