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DualSense PS5 Controller Looks Very Large in Leaked Image

In the last hours on the Resetera forum was leaked some unofficial image of DualSense, the new controller of Sony that will accompany the launch of PlayStation 5.

The image, as previously specified, is not official and therefore there is a remote possibility that it may be fake, but at a careful glance, it is clear that this image could actually be authentic. The DualSense therefore, according to the image posted below, seems to be very large, and its size should be similar to that of the latest Microsoft- branded controllers.

DualSense PS5 Controller Image Leaked

The new controller of PlayStation 5, as well as ensuring better comfort in the hours of play spent on the new console, will aim to provide greater immersion to anyone, allowing it to fully enter the mechanics of the experiences with which it will have to do.

The first feature of the controller is aimed at pursuing this goal as represented by the triggers with adaptive resistance, which will allow the DualSense to partially revolutionize the sensations perceived by the gamers.

The innovations posed for the DualSense controller also has some other features, such as the still-mysterious revolution relating to the Share button. This has officially changed its name to Create, and thanks to the new interactions allowed by PlayStation 5 it will guarantee content creators additional opportunities that the Japanese company has not yet specified, but which we hope will be officially cleared soon.

Lastly, we find a battery in the DualSense controller that according to what has been declared will be clearly more powerful than that present in the DualShock 4. It is said that this will last for much longer, and lose efficiency in much longer periods, contrary to what has been found by many users with that integrated into the DualShock 4.