DualSense Controller Price & Release Date Leaked – Rumor

As Sony has reiterated a couple of times, its next-gen console of PlayStation 5 should be released in the last quarter of 2020, but the exact release date is not yet known. According to rumors, the DualSense controller will be sold separately from November 20, which may also be the release date of the PlayStation 5.

In the last month, the Japanese company finally revealed which controller will be launched together with the PlayStation 5: the DualSense controller. The successor to the DualShock 4 looks striking for the PlayStation controller, with white elements/colors and a different shape than the well-known and usual DualShock 4 controller. The main change is only the addition of haptic feedback, which can be used in various ways in games.

Now, according to a leak by a Twitter user @IronManPS5, the new controller of PS5, DulaSense, will cost $59.99 USD. In the past, the same user has already leaked several things about the PlayStation 5 with accurate details. In addition, the leaker says on which day the controller for the next-generation console of Sony will be sold separately: November 20.

In general, the controllers are available for purchase separately from the day the console in question is sold, so we may finally know when the PlayStation 5 will come out. In any case, since nothing is officially communicated about it, so we should take this news with a big grain of salt.

Sony has officially communicated that coronavirus has affected the development of PlayStation 5, but the console will be ready in time. The company should not be too far away from announcing availability or information about the price of the console. People with confidential information claim that the official announcement is very close.