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How To Complete Du Or Die Mission In Far Cry 6?

In this guide, we'll walk you through the entire Du or Die mission in Far Cry 6.

Du or Die is a mission you need to complete for Juan in Far Cry 6. There are a few elements of confusion during this mission. You’ll find how to avoid and get around those in this guide. Here’s how to complete the Du or Die mission in Far Cry 6.

How to Complete Du or Die Mission in Far Cry 6?


du or die start

You need to get depleted uranium for Juan by opening the chest inside a locked door in Fort Quito to complete Du or Die mission in Far Cry 6.
Now you need a keycard to get past the door, which is a bit of a hunt. Here’s a complete breakdown in detail to help you finish this mission and obtain the rewards.

How to Get to Fort Quito Armory FC6


fort quito fc6

You’ll get the Du or Die mission from Juan Cortez in Far Cry 6. This will be Dani’s first mission entrusted by Juan. After a grand buttering by Cortez, you’ll get the assignment.

  • Once assigned, head to the marked location in Isle Santuaria to meet up with Raiza.
  • Raiza gives you a parachute to help you out in getting to and fro.
  • Follow her and she’ll lead you to a corrupt soldier.
  • Simply Bribe him and you’ll get 5 new FND cache locations.
  • Additionally, you’ll get a Yaran Contraband location.
  • Continue following Raiza who will now lead you to an oversight location perfect for scouting the armory.
  • Your next job is to tag all of the soldiers of Fort Quito in sight, using your camera.
  • Further, use the parachute and head on towards the fort.


Accessing the Armory Fort Quito Fc6

quito fort

  • Head inside and clear out all soldiers on all levels.
  • You’ll have to keep following the doorways through the balcony patrol levels.
  • Just before getting to the armory, you’ll find a keycard on the top levels.
  • This is blue in color.
  • The location of this keycard depends on the soldier’s location.
  • If you manage to get him out and kill him, you’ll find it next to his corpse.

lanyard keycard


  • However, if you manage to get stealthy, you can even find this on a work desk in the top levels.
  • Once you get the keycard simply head down to the armory entrance marked by the caution sign.door du or die
  • Once in, simply open up the uranium crate and retrieve it.

depleted uranium

Juan will now ask you to get back to him with the uranium ASAP, however, there’s something more awaiting you.

Fort Quito Unique Weapon Chest

map du or die

  • You can get the Autocrat in Far Cry 6 from Fort Quito by entering an underground safe keep where the Yaran Contraband chest sits. Here’s how you can get there.
  • Once you retrieve the depleted uranium, right at the opposite end there lies a door.
  • Enter through the door and locate the ladder that leads you underground.


  • From here, you need to hop on down and go behind the staircase.
  • Here you’ll see some planks leaning against a wired cage.

autocrat location

  • Simply shoot them down and enter.
  • You’ll find the Yaran Contraband on the shelf on your right.

get autocrat

  • Interact with this and you’ll get the unique Aristocrat pistol.
  • You’ll soon realize how powerful this weapon is when you use it in-game.
  • You now need to head back to Clara’s camp.

Du or Die Rewards Supremo and Tostador in Far Cry 6


Once you head back to Clara’s Camp and present the depleted uranium to Juan, he’ll present to you two extremely overwhelming weapons called “Supremo” and “Tostador” respectively. This completes Du or Die in Far Cry 6.

That’s all there is to know about how you can complete Du or Die in Far Cry 6. We hope this guide was of assistance to you. Tostador and Supremo look pretty cool as is, but did you know you could make them look cooler? Here’s a guide on how to change weapon skins in Far Cry 6 that helps you learn how to change and earn weapon skins in-game and make them look cool. Additionally, you can also check out all the best weapons in Far Cry 6 to use in-game.