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How To Change Weapon Skins In Far Cry 6 For Free

In this guide you'll learn how to change weapon skins for free in Far Cry 6.

Weapon Skins are something gamers of Far cry 6 all over the globe crave to change each time the option presents itself. Who can blame players from wanting to have a cooler visual of guns taking down Castillo’s hostiles? If you’re still stuck or confused about changing weapon skins in Far Cry 6, we’ve got your back. In this guide, you’ll learn how to change your weapon skins in Far Cry 6. Furthermore, we’ll show you how you can unlock free skins as well.

How to Change Weapon Skins in Far Cry 6?


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In order to change Weapon skins in FC6 all you need to do is find spray cans then open up your Arsenal tab from the menu and select your weapon, then inspect and change its appearance or add a mod to it. We understand that some of you are fairly new to the game and these navigations could be confusing. For the same, we’ve mentioned everything in detail below.

Weapon Crates and Spray Cans in FC6


In order to be able to change weapon skins, you’ll need to look for Jewellery boxes, Libertade crates and weapon cache crates scattered across Yara which have Spray cans, weapons and unique weapons respectively inside them. These Jewellery boxes have varied appearances. Be on the lookout for brownish crocodile skinned chests. These have both unique weapons as well as skins. You can find them only by exploring the map. More restricted regions like guarded checkpoints, military vehicle pads, FND bases and some unexplored forest regions have these. Bear in mind that not every jewellery box earns you a spray can. Moreover, keep an eye on your minimap at all times to look for white chest icons. Simply walk up to one, interact with it and collect your reward. It’s not worth running around looking for these boxes as you’ll find many en route to completing missions.

Equip and Change Weapon Skins

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Here’s how you can change your weapon skins in Far Cry 6.

  • On your main menu, head to Arsenal.
  • Over here, locate the weapon whose skin you wish to change.
  • You can hit the “F” button to inspect this weapon now.
  • Now at the bottom left of the screen, find the eye icon.
  • This will give you the option to change your weapons’ skin by exchanging a certain amount of spray cans.
  • Moreover, you can further improve certain weapons on the workbench.
  • Additionally, you may add mods and other customizations as you wish.
  • While most skins are free and easily obtainable in Far Cry 6, there are a few you’ll have to work for. The same are mentioned below.
  • Here’s all the Rocket launchers in the game, you can see the skins in some of these.



What Are the Free Skins in Far Cry 6?


There are a variety of free skins in Far Cry 6. Now free doesn’t mean they’ll all come to your Arsenal without effort. While some skins require a number of spray cans to unlock, others can be unlocked via missions. Furthermore, there exist unique weapon skins that you’ll need to be on the lookout for, to obtain. Moreover, there exist skins that come along if you’ve opted for the pre-order, ultimate, or collector’s edition. There are some differences between editions in Far Cry 6 with each having their own additional items.

That’s all there is to know about changing weapon skins in Far Cry 6. While weapon skins are really cool to change and upgrade in Far Cry 6, what’s always more important is the weapon itself. Knowing when to use which weapon and how to switch one for the situation is important. Here’s a guide to help you understand how to change weapons in Far Cry 6.