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How To Dry Meat In Sons Of The Forest

Survive the forest on a full stomach with this guide on how to dry meat in Sons of The Forest.

Sons of The Forest builds on its predecessor The Forest in nearly every aspect. The game successfully puts its players in a sense of dread and fear as they fight for their survival from nature itself. Naturally, food and water are important resources that players need to manage, and being able to preserve what you catch is a valuable skill. Here’s a quick guide on how you can dry meat in Sons of The Forest.

How to dry meat in Sons of The Forest

how to dry meat in sons of the forest

Drying any meat you catch is a great way to preserve your meat and prevent rotting. In order to dry the meat you’ll have to craft a Drying Rack. Open your survival pack and take out the instruction manual. Open the Storage page, and select the option to construct a Drying Rack.

All you need to construct the rack are 13 sticks. These can be found all over the island and you can even ask Kelvin to collect them for you if he’s available. Once you have all the materials and have constructed the Drying Rack, place any raw meat you have on the hook of the rack.

This can be done for any kind of meat you scavenge but keep in mind that this will take some time to complete. Each individual piece of meat takes about 8 real-time minutes to fully dry. Meat can be of any size, from seagulls to turtles and even humans, it’s all fair game when survival is concerned. Check out our guide on How to easily cook and eat food for more tips on the game.

That’s all you need to know about how to dry meat in Sons of The Forest. Learn how to quickly swap items in the game and check out other Sons of the Forest Guides on the game here at Gamer Tweak.