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How to Use Drum Beat Weapon in Ninjala

Drum Beat weapon brings a dragon attack that chases its target, and this sounds cool but here is what you can do with this weapon in Ninjala.

Drum Beat Weapon is designed for close combat. The weapon falls in the Hammer Weapon Class of Ninjala. Hammer class is known for its high damage, and this weapon can shoot some serious explosives on the foes. So here are all details about the Drum Weapon Weapons, its stats, special moves, abilities, and more. The one limitation of hammer class is you won’t get a decent range, the long handle and short attack head require you to be near to your enemies. But the abilities and special move negate that limitation.

What is Drum Beat Weapon in Ninjala?

Drum Beat can launch explosives on opponents. Dragon Lord attack is this weapon Gum Ninjutsu. It is really cool and it launches a powerful gum dragon that will chase his target and explodes on impact. An attack hard to counter by any foe in the range.

  • Shoot: Gum Launcher
  • Gum Ninjutsu: Dragon Lord
  • Special: Echoing Scream
  • Abilities: Feedback / Up Tempo
  • Adjust Parameters: 360 / 90

Echoing scream is Drum Beat’s special move that is capable of stunning foe in a range. You can just freeze them with this move. Similar to all weapons in Ninjala, Drum Beat comes with two abilities. The primary ability is Feedback, that reset the special cooldown if you use Normal and Wide attacks. So do remember this, you can use your special move that is Drum Beat to stun enemies multiple times in a match.

Up Temp is the big weapon ability that lets you move faster when you are low on health. After reaching a certain low point you can move faster using this ability and save yourself.

You can see here Drum Beat Weapon in Ninjala brings a mix of attack and defense both. It all relies on how to use it, there are few good attacks by the weapon but it is worth trying on. Because it is not like you will always have a chance to use the dragon. So there is all the info about Drum Beat Weapon in Ninjala, all its abilities, and stats. You can know to use it a lot more effectively in the game. We also have Ninjala beginners guide if you are new to the game, click the link to learn more.