Dead By Daylight – How To Drop Survivors in DBD?

Learn how to Drop Survivors in Dead By Daylight (DBD) from this guide.

In Dead By Daylight (DBD), you can play as either a Killer or a Survivor. The Killers’ job is to round up the Survivors and Kill them while the Survivors must fix Generators to escape and Survive from the Killers. To Kill a Survivor, the Killer must down them by hitting at least two times. After which the Killer must pick up the downed Survivor and put them on a Meat Hook. In this time, the other Survivors are going to try and free their downed comrade from the Killers shoulder. For such cases, dropping the Survivor is a smart choice. In today’s article, I will show you how to Drop Survivors in DBD.

How To Drop Survivors In Dead By Daylight (DBD)?

dropped survivor dead by daylight

Dead By Daylight is available on the PS, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, & PC. So here is how you can Drop Survivors in DBD.

  • This action is only possible if you, the Killer, have a Survivor on your shoulder. That means you are carrying the Survivor.
  • To Drop the Survivor:
    • Press Circle for the PS.
    • For the Xbox, it’s the B button.
    • Press the R key for PC.
    • Press A for Nintendo Switch.

This is how you can drop a Survivor from your shoulders as a Killer in DBD.

Why Drop them in Dead by Daylight?

Why should you drop a Survivor in DBD? Isn’t the objective of the game to Kill all Survivors as a Killer? Well, that is true but the other Survivors are not just going to let you win. Some Survivors will run Perks based on Altruism. If that’s the case, you will be swarmed by them and lose the downed Survivor you worked so hard to get. Instead, dropping the Survivor will allow you to move faster and let you deal with the pests. Another reason to Drop Survivors in DBD is to set up certain Perks or Conditions. Perks like Deerstalker & Knock out can help you find downed Survivors very easily. So, drop them on the floor and go kill the other Survivors.

This was all about Dropping Survivors in Dead By Daylight (DBD). Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our other guides like Best Survivor Builds & How To Repair Generators in DBD.

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