Starfield: How To Get Drill Waste Room Access Key

Here is your guide on how to get the Drill Waste Room Access Key in Starfield.

The Drill Waste Room is located on Mars and requires a key in order to open it. Even if you reach this area, you will not be given access to enter if you don’t have the key. During the gameplay, you must have come across Abandoned Mines, while exploring Mars. These Mines are great as they usually consist of Secret Bunkers, and you can loot the area to get a plethora of items. The Drill Waste Room is also a part of the Abandoned Mines. To understand how to unlock this room, follow our guide.

How to Get the Drill Waste Room Key in Starfield

Location Drill Waste Room Access Key

  1. It can be obtained during the Delivering Devils quest. The key is an integral part of the quest as well, so you will have to get it to complete the mission.
  2. Once the quest has begun, you will have to ask about Percival at the trade authority, then go and pay a visit to the Miners.
  3. Take the elevator to go down to Level P2 and reach the Sixth Circle Bar, this is where you will find the Miners.
  4. You will then have to go over to Lou, the bartender, and talk to him. He will be willing to share information about Percival, granted you answer a series of questions he is about to ask you.
  5. Once you answer them, he will ask you to clear Percival’s Debt. This will cost you a whopping 21,867 Credits.
  6. After clearing his debt, Lou will thank you and provide you with more information about Percival along with the Drill Waste Room Access Key.

This is how you can get access to the Drill Waste Room Key in Starfield. To know more about other quests, you can check out all missions and side quests, and other Starfield guides, right here on Gamer Tweak.