Choose Deep Cover Or Delivering Devils In Starfield?

How can you choose wisely between the Deep Cover and Delivering Devils faction quests in Starfield to shape your journey?

When playing through the faction questlines in Starfield, you’ll eventually encounter a choice between two missions – Deep Cover and Delivering Devils. Different factions in the game offer both, but completing one first may impact the progression of the other. We’ll help you to choose Deep Cover or Delivering Devils in Starfield.

What are Deep Cover and Delivering Devils?

Choose Deep Cover Or Delivering Devils In Starfield?

Faction quests are integral to advancing the main story and developing relationships with groups in the game. However, all quests cannot be completed at the same time due to storyline dependencies or shared locations between quest objectives. Deep Cover for the Crimson Fleet and Delivering Devils for the United Colonies are two such choices.

If you are curious to advance multiple groups, Deep Cover and Delivering Devils can be played back-to-back to make initial progress in separate factions. We recommend completing Deep Cover first, as it takes less time to complete, and its story chronologically precedes Delivering Devils.

Deep Cover

Commander Tuala sees potential in you as both a soldier and an agent. He tasks you with infiltrating the notorious Crimson Fleet, criminals, and rebels who plague the fringe systems. You are sent to join the crew of the UC ship Vigilance under Commander Ikande, where your mission will be to gather intel on the Crimson Fleet’s plans.

Delivering Devils

Choose Deep Cover Or Delivering Devils In Starfield?

After helping the UC track down missing supplies in Grunt Work, you receive reports that a UC scientist may have information about the strange Terrormorph mutations. Dr. Percival Walker has gone missing from his research outpost. In Delivering Devils, you must track down clues to discover what happened to Walker and what he may have learned about the mutated aliens.

While the quests themselves don’t offer major rewards, completing both is worthwhile to gain faction standing with either the Crimson Fleet or UC early on.

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