Dream PS4 Studio 47 Puzzle Solution – What To Do After Entering The Hotel

By Raaj
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In the previous story, Art tried gaining access to Hotel in Dreams PS4. The bouncer denied him and later when he solved the puzzle of imitating as Seb was inside. Following his lost dragon, small robot gameplay starts where Art finds his another toy Ele-D, a toy he bought for Laila. The story continues from here where Art finds himself back at his studio. Now there is a puzzle to find the phone number in Dreams PS4, this four digital phone numbers will be used to connect to Laila. So here is a guide on how to solve studio 47 puzzles in Dreams PS4.

How to solve the Studio puzzle in Dreams PS4?

The studio is big with lots of musical instruments, in order to contact Laila’s ghost you will need to play music. Below is a Dreams PS4 studio screenshot with all the items you have to interact with. And then you can read the steps below on how the phone location and the exact four digital phone numbers in Dreams PS4.

Dreams PS4 Studio Puzzle Solution

1. Placing the Reel –

Starting from the Reel, collect it and place it on the player near the window. You will have to adjust the volume pitch liver on the left to make volume right. Collect the reel from the right corner and place it on the player on your left.

Dreams PS4 Studio Puzzle Solution

The reel is on the right corner near the guitar. Collect it and walk to the player on the left. Place the real, press play button and then move the lever to the left to set up the pitch. Behind that reel, there is a number which is 96 which is the first two-digit of the phone number.

2. The Vinyl Player-

Next to the reel, there is a Vinyl player, the blue box. Open it first, and then look on the box with records on right. You have to collect the one with blue which has Art and Laila on it. It is the second last. Pick album and pull the record to place it on the player.

Dreams PS4 Studio Puzzle Solution

After placing the record on the Vinyl player move the head on the record, turn it on by rotating the power switch and set the speed to 45.

3. The Projector –

Dreams PS4 Studio Puzzle Solution

Walk near the projector and below it, there are two levers. One to rotate it left and right and second to move it up and down. Before rotating it, pull the switch down to turn it on. Rotate the right lever anti-clockwise and set it on the painting in front, similar to an image you had seen on the Vinyl record.

4. The Keyboard –

Dreams PS4 Studio Puzzle Solution

Walk to the left corner of the studio near a chair. There is a musical keyboard, interact with it place it properly and hit the red button to turn on music. It will autoplay and nothing much is needed here.

5. The Drums –

Now the final part, pay the drums. As an Imp you can help Art, after a few seconds Laila’s shadow will appear on the wall and you will hear a phone ring.

What is the phone number?

Walk near the table below the phone painting. Unlock it and you will see a half visiting card with two digits on it – 38. Dial 9638 on the phone and there will be a kind of visual conversation. Here Art is trying to convince Laila to help him. Pick the below choice to finally complete this Studio Puzzle in Dreams PS4.

  • I was a Chump
  • Pressure
  • Thornbeak

You have to select these options in the form of paintings that are based on previous hints. Like the weight which appeared before Art reaches the train station and was trying to find the train ticket. The trumpet that occurred during stopping the Train puzzle. And Thornbeak which kidnapped Art’s dragon Lancewing.

After selecting all the three choices Laila will agree to help Art. This will trigger a small mission where you will play as Ele-D. Use her suction power to pull down the leaves and jump over them to move forward.

So this is how you can complete the Studio 47 Puzzle in Dreams 47, where you have to find a phone number to talk to Laila.

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