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How To Get Train Tickets In Dreams PS4

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In Dreams PS4 after playing as an Imp you will find a suitcase in a room with two toys. Frances and Foxy. Frances is good at smashing objects, while Foxy is a good shooter. After finding the two toys you will have to choose one to continue to find Lancewing who is captured by the crow The Thornbeak. After Lancewing got captured the narrator called Art will be locked. And you will have to free him by pulling the chains and lifting the weights. This is where the guide begins, and here is how you can find train tickets in Dreams PS4.

Where to find Train Ticket in Dreams PS4?

After Lancewing is captured by the giant crow you will see in a cutscene Art is locked inside a giant violin case. There are five chains on the screen, from the left pull Chain 1, Chain 3 and Chain Chain 4. Pull the chain down and wait for few seconds until the wight lifts up on its own, or else it will fall back on the case.

Train Ticket Guide Dreams PS4

After saving Art a train station will appear. The Driver will not let you in without a Train ticket. You can talk to him at the start and he will sing a song that will trigger a small mission. As Imp you just have to break the bubbles. After he is done singing, you will continue playing as imp. This is how you will find the train ticket in Dream PS4.

Train Ticket Guide Dreams PS4

For the train ticket in Dreams PS4, look on the left of the piano. There are two suitcases, a blue and a red one. In the red suitcase, there is a box next to the hat. It has strings. Collect the string and turn around, walk near Column No 4 and talk to the women sitting with her dog playing a banjo.

Train Ticket Guide Dreams PS4

When you start talking to this women there will be a multiple-choice question. When she starts talking break her banjo string and pick the following replies on her question.

  • Goes for all of Us.
  • What’s wrong with your dog?

Train Ticket Guide Dreams PS4

After choosing these two options the third one you will see is the “Fix Banjo” reply. Click on that and Art will fix the lady’s banjo and she will give the tickets to Art.

So this is how you get train tickets in Dreams 4 and continue your journey to the next level.