How to enter in Hotel in Dreams PS4 – Password Puzzle Solution Guide

Give me dat... PASSWORD

After the train incident, Art stands outside a hotel in Dreams PS4 video game. He is not allowed to enter, the bouncer asks for a password which is the start of a new puzzle. In previous objectives, there were two puzzles in Dreams PS4 which were finding a train ticket and second stopping the train. After playing these two puzzles you will be able to understand how Dreams PS4 puzzle works. First, you have to find certain clues and then finally there is a solution. So here in this Dreams PS4 puzzle guide, I will show you how to find the password to enter the hotel in Dreams.

How to find the password to enter the hotel in Dreams PS4?

At the hotel after talking to the bouncer at the gate who will unnecessarily sing a song you will have to find the password. Outside the hotel in Dreams PS4, there are things. First a movie ticket counter at extreme left, second an old homeless man next to it and two artists on the extreme right below Jazz sign playing music.

Now the puzzle is simple, first go to the movie ticket counter. He will play a game of hilariously imitating some movie scenes. You have to identify the right movie. Here are the answers.

  • Ragdoll King Fu
  • D-Bug Awakes

You will get popcorn and a slushie. Take that to the homeless man, and give him both. After taking a sip of slushie the old man will get his hearing back and will give his hearing device to you. Take that and walk towards the band on the right corner. Listen to two artists talking, they belong to Art’s band. Once you are done with a return back to the bouncer at the hotel door.

Art will present himself as Seb, the bouncer will ask to prove that he is a drummer. From three options select Drum on the Bin. He will let you in. Sometime you might have to use all three options but start with the bin.

So this is how you can enter the hotel in Dreams PS4.