Splatoon 3 Dodge Roll: How To Do It

Learn how to perform a Dodge Roll in Splatoon 3.

Nintendo has enhanced the control and combat mechanism so that we can put up great action in Splatoon 3. This game has multiple modes to offer that can keep you entertained for hours. However, for such fast-paced shooter games, having better reflexes are as important as having better aim. You never know from which direction an enemy will hit you. That’s why keeping an eye on everyone is important so that you get a chance to dodge the incoming attack. In Splatoon 3, it is possible to do a Dodge Roll but it doesn’t have any dedicated control key for that. However, here’s our guide that features steps to do a Dodge Roll in Splatoon 3 pretty easily.

How to do a Dodge Roll in Splatoon 3

Dodge Roll in Splatoon 3

Dodging in this game is made possible by carrying some weapons. This is because certain weapons put an effect on our playstyle and movements in the game. In Splatoon 3, Splat Dualies and Dark Tetra Dualies are the weapons that make it possible to perform a Dodge Roll. Now, while carrying any of these weapons, just press B on your controller to do a Dodge Roll. Also, keep in mind that you have to press B while you are shooting ink. This is because pressing B without shooting will cause you to jump instead of doing a Dodge Roll. Moreover, you’ll Dodge Roll in the direction where you are strafing. For example, move to the left side while shooting and press B to Dodge Roll on the left side. Further, it should be noted that performing a Dodge Roll in Splatoon 3 costs you some ink. However, you can fuel up the ink tank by entering the squid form and diving into colors.

Additionally, the Dualies add different effects while doing a Dodge Roll. Splat Dualies allow you to dodge faster but for a short distance. Whereas, Dark Tetra Dualies allows you to dodge for a comparatively longer distance but slower.

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  • If you do not own any of the Dualies mentioned above, simply head over to the Ammo Knights shop and purchase them:
    • Splat Dualies – Unlocks at level 3
    • Dark Tetra Dualies – Unlocks at level 17

That’s how to do a Dodge Roll in Splatoon 3. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other guide where we have showcased some Best Dualies.

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