Devil May Cry 5 Introduces A New Character Named V

Devil May Cry has found itself a loyal fan base all around the world who obsess over the characters Nero and Dante. Flashing their brand of hack and slash action and some hyper-stylized gun skills, it makes the game a visual recital that manages to conjure up monsters and creatures straight from the depths of your imaginations on to your screen to haunt you.

This is done with the flamboyance and exuberance of Dante and Nero, the main protagonists of the story and as if the two of them weren’t enough, we now have a brand new character in V who is a new addition to the franchise.

Devil May Cry 5 Director Hideaki Itsuno revealed details about the new protagonist V and how much part of the story will he be involved.

When asked what was the process behind his creation, Hideaki Itsuno said,

“From when I was coming up with the project plan for DMC5, I was already saying that we need a new protagonist that plays completely different from Dante and Nero. I wanted a completely different sort of approach for players that wasn’t just an expansion of previous gameplay styles. To be specific, I thought of making situations where you want to attack and defend separate.”

Itsuno further spoke on V saying,

“If you stick to the story, there may be less chances to play as V. Instead, there are several missions where you can choose the character you want to use, and if you like V, then you can freely choose to use him there.”

Devil May Cry will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Pc on March 8th 2019

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