The Division 2 Open Beta Confirmed, Official Release In The Month Of March

Beta Period Will Give Access To Main Missions, Side Missions, Dark Zone, etc.

The Division Two Beta is confirmed and this open beta is coming for all in the month of March. The game is going to be released PC, PS4 and Xbox One, so those who are excited to grab a copy then first test the game between March 1, 2019, to March 4, 2019.

The confirmation of Beta is good news for Gamers who were waiting to find out what are their chances to get hands on before the final release date March 15, 2019. The info was shared by the Community Developer during a live stream. Players will earn DC Patriot Weapon Skin if they play the Beta, along with Capitol Hill arm patch if they are able to complete the Invaded Mission.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will be available in two phases Private and Public. Private Beta will be restricted to the player who had pre-ordered the game. It will allow players to test 2 Main Missions, 5 Side-Missions, some open world activities, Dark Zone and an endgame Invaded Mission.

Ubisoft has advice player to restart the game every few hours during the beta period if they face any technical problems. Ubisoft had already started sending out codes to pre-ordered buyers. There was a campaign where players can earn Private Beta access by purchasing Mountain Dew Game Fuel. Click the links to learn more.

The Division 2 features three game modes Campaign, Co-op and PvP. There are three Dark Zones across Washington D.C. Players can explore different devastated areas hidden in the city. Officially the game is coming on March 15 for Pc, Xbox One and PS4.

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