Gain Access to The Division 2’s Private Beta with Mountain Dew

Publishers will always find a unique way to sell their products to the audience and to create a hype around to make their product more visible in the market and to drive attention to themselves. The makers of The Division 2 have done just that by announcing beta access as pre-order incentive partnered with Mountain Dew. In a new ad, it shows purchasing a Mountain Dew Game Fuel will earn the buyer The Division 2 private beta access.

The Division 2 Private Beta Access

Moreover, first 1,000 orders of Game Fuel will also receive a ‘Bonus Prize Pack’, as shown in the image below states that every variant of Mountain Dew Game Fuel will grant a pre-order access and a ‘$25 PRIZE PACK’.

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If you’re still not impressed by this bundle pack and just want to enjoy without the sugar influx in your system, there’s no cause for alarm as the developers have already announced a beta version for the next year, it just be a bit delayed so as to push the Mountain Dew customers ahead of the queue.

The closed alpha has just been concluded of the game which may not represent the final version of the game but be on the lookout for some more images and or footages that find their way on the internet.

The Division 2 is set for release in March 15, 2019 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC

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