10 Best Video Games of 2018

2018 had a plethora of amazing games throughout all platforms, it is a year where the Multiplayer Battle Royale genre got huge attention thanks to games like Fortnite and Pubg which grabbed everyone’s attention and made people invest themselves to become the sole survivor. It was also the year where we got the sequel to Red Dead Redemption after 5 years. With the above mentioned games here are the games which made the top 10 list.

Best Video Games of 2018


This instalment of our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man lets the players explore New York city in a way which was never done before, the game brought a perspective to the city like never before, locals and people from all over the world spent hours exploring the city from the web crawlers perspective, the developers gave attention to detail while making the game and famous structures both in and out of the MCU are found in this game. Spider-Man is a fresh addition to the franchise which lacked innovation in earlier titles.


A game which is sure to test your patience as the game requires immense patience and utmost devotion to succeed but the pay off is worth it as the game features a beautiful storyline about overcoming mistakes, gorgeous retro visuals and phenomenal soundtrack.


Probably the most heartfelt game in this list is Florence which although isn’t innovative it features a storyline so honest and beautiful that makes you want to be part of the lead character’s life. The story chronicles the frenzied life of young love and how each and every decision you make, has a profound effect on the storyline and its progression.

God of War

The franchise that made a name for itself for its violence, gore visuals and brutal gameplay brought out a sequel with a storyline that differs from the rest but this entry into the franchise ties it up perfectly with some innovative game camera technique which does not cut and the game feels like a single take narration of this epic adventure which makes you feel part of the father-son duo as they embark on their journey.


Gris is so much more than just pretty visuals, the game grows around the player and tells the story of painting a desolate place with colours and bringing it to life, the game does not last much though but leaves a lasting imprint.

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Into the Breach

A game that resembles the film Pacific Rim, the premise of the game is similar to the movie but this strategy based game makes you think moves ahead and plan your attack accordingly, highly addictive and fun. This game provides hours of fun on end.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar released the sequel to Red Dead Redemption which blew the minds off everyone as people are still mesmerised and keep finding new things to explore, animals to hunt or just be part of an outlaw gang. The game lets people live out their wild west fantasy and live through the life of Arthur Morgan and be part of his gang.

Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World has brought with it a much needed change to the series as it is not able to capitalise on the console’s immense processing power and deliver an unparalleled experience. The new changes have brought in new fans who were hesitant to try out the game.

Pokémon: Let’s Go

Pokemon: Let’s Go is trying to do what the mobile counterpart failed and that is to keep hold of its player, Pokemon GO was a rave when it was launched and people all over the world were glued to this game, but soon after could not keep up with the constant travelling and hours needed to find a pokemon or a gym. Pokemon: Let’s Go streamlines the Pokémon experience, cutting away much of the cruft that the series has gathered over the years. Let’s Go ends up as the best of both worlds, and perhaps the perfect entry point for new players.

Beat Saber

For years people have dreamt up becoming a Jedi and have cosplayed for years as their favourite characters and This game lets these players immerse themselves a Jedi Saber duel with the help of a VR headset and slash objects coming their way. A great way to satisfy your fantasy and to break a sweat at the same time.

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