The Division 2 PVP Multiplayer Skirmish & Domination Guide

How to Unlock and play PvP Mode in Division 2

Skirmish and Domination are two game modes featured in The Division 2. This PvP mode allows you to play with 8 players (4 vs 4). This Division 2 PvP guide will show you how to start PvP matches and start competing with other players online. Once you win your very first match be it Skirmish or Domination, it will unlock “First Among Equals” trophy and achivement.

How to play PVP Multiplayer Matches in Division 2?

  • Step 1: Open the World Map
  • Step 2: Scroll to CONFLICT tab by press L1 on PS4 and LB on Xbox One
  • Step 3: Quickplay Matchmaking will Start
  • Step 4: Start PvP Multiplayer once all 8 players are online

division 2 pvp mode

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