How To Farm Printer Filament in The Division 2 Guide

Collect Printer Filament Early in the Game

Printer Filaments are parts of a 3D printer which ultimately help you craft better weapons. Crafting is one of the most important parts of multiplayer games as it helps enhance current items into better gear and the same goes for The Division 2, crafting helps you increase stats of weapons and items into something new or higher level items. So it makes sense to always keep an eye for things that aid you into crafting and one such thing is the Printer Filament.

Printer Filament are extremely rare and you may never find them in drop boxes or loot crates scattered in the game.

How To Collect Printer Filament

The best way to collect printer filament is simply to deconstruct equipment, basically, things you no longer need can be broken down to collect parts that will ultimately help you craft better weapons, but before you start deconstructing everything you have make sure you have done the following.

Printer Filaments location The Division 2

Select the deconstruction perk before you begin on deconstructing equipment, the first level 1 perk will aid you in getting more materials than before, as you upgrade the perk to level 2. You will start finding more rare items, in this case, Printer Filaments.

Though it is not certain what items will definitely give out printer filament as it is a rare item (color code purple) you can basically deconstruct every type of item from common to rare and collect it from them.

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