The Division 2 – Skills Explained For Solo and Team Gameplay

The Division 2 gives you a few skill unlocks to use at the beginning of the game but is limited, use you can your skills effectively to change the battle in your favor. It pays, in the long run, to know about the skills before you randomly equip something that may not compliment your playing style.

The more you play the game, the more you will unlock skills, so by the time you get to the end of the game, you will have everything unlocked.

The Division 2 Best Skills Explained

Assault Turret

The Assault turret is one of the best skill available in the game and if you are going solo on your campaign you will need another set of firepower to either draw attention or overwhelm enemies with secondary firepower.

Crusader Shield

Though the game description might not do justice to how good this particular shield is for use when you are facing a hail of bullets, it makes a great piece of skill to have and can be incredibly effective if you know how and when to use.

Striker Drone

A bit similar to the Assault Turret but with mobility, the striker drone will chase after enemies until it kills it and will move on to the next. The drone is great if you are going solo and need a second set of firepower or just need something to distract the enemies.

Reviver Hive

A necessity when it comes to being a team player as the hive can revive your teammates even if you cannot reach them. A great skill to have when with a team as it nearly guarantees that all of your teammates will make it till the end.

Fixer Drone

A similar skill to the hive, but this can heal your teammates if they are low on health and need immediate attention, a useful skill that can alter the course of the battle. Works great if you are playing as a team. The drone will heal every teammate in range.

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