The Division 2 Weapon Guide – How To Unlock Weapon & Grenade Slots

Learn how to carry three primary weapons and five grenades

At the beginning of the Division 2, as an Agent you cannot carry enough weapons. All you are left with is an option to go with Primary Weapon and Side Arm. In this guide we will tell you how to get more weapon slots in Division 2, instant tips to increase your weapon slots in the game.

How to Increase Weapon Slot To Carry Three Main Weapons

  • Visit the Quartermaster and go to the Perk section. You will need enough SHD Tech to unlock the slots that is the payment needed to pay to unlock perks.
  • There are different perks, scroll through to locate Weapon Slot and buy it. It will add a second slot to carry a primary weapon and so on. You can buy up-to two more additional short so in total you can carry upto three main weapons in Division 2.
  • It is necessary to go with good choice and weapons that you are comfortable to use in the game. To switch press Triangle or Y and pick one.
  • In similar way you can also upgrade Grenade slots, in the same Perks section there is an upgrade for Grenades. You can have maximum 5 Grenades slots.

Grinding of SHD Tech requires unlocking the perks for weapons and upgrades. The same is required when you cross Level 30 and Unlock Specialization.

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