Division 2 – How To Leave Clan, Join A New Clan Or Create Clan

Don’t have a clue to exit Clan, then you are on the right page

In Division 2 you can leave clan if you are not happy with the group and join a new clan to enjoy the game more. It is possible you joined a wrong clan and unable to get good out of it, you can search for better clan and it is not that easy to find. In this Division 2 How to Leave Clan guide we will solve your issue and show you how exact you can exit a clan and join a new one. You will get more info on Joining a Clan as well create your own faction.

How to Leave Clans in The Division 2?

To leave a clan got game Menu and select Clan. It is on the upper left corner of the menu, select Roster. It is in the center, now find your game id in the Clan members list. Double click on your name or use Select Button on console. In the next screen will give you option to exist, just scroll down to find Leave Clan. Select and done you are out of the group.

How to Create A Clan or Join New Clan in The Division 2?

Remember to create or join a clan first you have to unlock them and for this complete the main missions all the way to unlock theater settlements, you have to upgrade them it to hire officers of different grades. The second officer Grace Larson will unlock the Clan. Upgrade theater settlement twice to hire Grace and later you will be able to create Clan.


To upgrade Theater Settlements, play Theater Settlements Mission they will appear as main missions on the map. After upgrading it twice talk to Grace she will now be ready to assist you. From the game menu in social you can find the Clan section. Here you can find a Clan, Create Clan or check Inbox for invites to join new Clans.

You can also adjust the difficulty levels in the game if you are finding tough to play The Division 2, also picking the right skills matters at the beginning of the game.

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