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The Division 2 Hunter Mask Location Map Guide

Unlock all 12 Mask early in the game

The Division 2 has a vast plot that shows us everything about the game but the developers have added hidden bosses in the game for when you max out and have completed the story and side missions you still have something remaining that will challenge you to your absolute limits.

These bosses are level 35 and taking them on will be a task, they will sometimes drop an ivory key along with the mask which you will need to unlock the weapon crate found in the base of operations.


Though it is not necessary to complete the entire game before you start off on this quest, it is advised as all of the Hunter Bosses are well equipped and incredibly difficult to take down even with a group of 4, so make sure that you have all of your gear maxed out.

Also, it will be incredibly nice if you equip a grenade launcher and carry a couple of grenades with you on all missions as you will desperately need them.

Where to find each Hunter Boss Mask


Phantom, Death, Diamond and Cross Masks Location – East Mall

This one is the toughest and the trickiest as you have to take on 4 hunter bosses at the same time, you will need to visit the East Mall, and enter the wreckage, a small coffee shop and interact with the machine to pull the lever.


Once you do that and walk out to the center Christmas Tree, you will find that 4 Hunter bosses have been spawned and you need to take all of them down and each will give you a specific mask.

Demon Mask Location – Downtown East


Head inside the building and you will find a staircase on your left-hand side which leads you down to the center of the building, look up and you will find targets inside the windows.

Shoot them from top to bottom and it will spawn the hunter boss, take him down to get the Demon Mask.

Crimson Mask Location

This is found in the same area, all you need to do is travel down to the location shown in the map and find the center courtyard, once inside find two doorways opposite each other, find the room with the radio in and interact with it.

As soon as you are done, run to the opposite room and interact with the phone kept on the edge of the counter to spawn the Hunter Boss, take him down to collect his mask.

Wraith Mask Location – Southwest

This one is rather straightforward compared to the rest, as all you need to do is just find a memorial wall with a lot of names written on it in the Southwest of D.C and use your Salute emote a couple of time, you will have to find the exact spot as it can take a couple of tries but you’ll get it.

To use your emotes press and hold down on your D-Pad and then select the Salute Emote with your Right Stick. Take down the boss to collect their mask

Ghoul Mask Location – West Potomac

This takes part in 2 locations which are close to each other but you have to travel to the location shown in the image and find a sewer which leads you down to a tunnel, head north in the tunnel till you find a set of stairs and climb up.

Once there find a laptop and as you interact with it, a map will illuminate and show you the location with a moon sign on top of it.

Go to the location at night and find a light bulb, shoot it to spawn the Hunter Boss. Take down the boss to collect their mask

Midas and Revenant Masks Location – West End

This one again is fairly simple, you have to do this at night as well but, all you need to do is find the location on the map and travel there.

Once there locate a fence with a CERA logo on it and climb over to the other side. Once there, walk inside the pool and select the Jumping Jacks Emote which will trigger the two hunter bosses to spawn, take them down and collect their masks.

Ghost and Specter Masks Location

West Potomac Park, Washington Monument

You need to find the Washington Monument at night time and go to the bottom of the monument and find a console to interact with, this will show you three dots which are the location of the graves.

Locate these graves at their specific spots and use the Salute Emote. After you have done this, go back to the bottom of the monument and find the same console, it should be displaying an oval image on the screen. This means you have followed the procedure correctly.

Find the location of the hunters on the map and take them down immediately, you will have to be precise as they can vanish pretty quickly and it is hard to keep find them again.

These are the locations of the Hunter Bosses in The Division 2. Check our other Divisions 2 Cheats, Tricks and Tips.