Division 2 Difficulty Level Guide – How To Change Difficulty Levels

The Division 2 is a pretty chaotic game and it lets you play at your own pace with east, but if you wish to test your mettle against the very best the game can dish out then there is a way to alter the difficulty settings.

How to Change Difficulty Settings

You will need to complete any missions before you can change the difficulty settings, in other words, you need to complete the mission at the difficulty level the game sets for you, upon completion you can alter the settings when you replay the mission.

With that out of the way, changing the difficulty settings is fairly easy, all you need to do is find the little option hidden away by opening the map.

After that, find the specific mission you’d like to play and place your reticle on it, hold down the button prompt shown on screen, Y for Xbox and Triangle for PS4 to bring up the option of changing the difficulty setting.

You have to change the difficulty setting before you begin the mission and you cannot change it once you begin the quest, so make sure you have changed the settings to your liking.

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Difficulty Levels

There are different levels that you can choose from before you can start replaying the mission.


If you choose a higher difficulty setting it will pit you against harder enemies, but there is a silver lining to it as the harder the difficulty the better the loot in Division 2.

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