How To Increase Stash Size In Division 2

Find how you can increase Stash Capacity by 50

When you start as a New Agent in Division 2 the stash size is limited, that means you cannot carry many items. But there is a way to increase stash size by max 50 easily in the game. Increasing stash size will help you to carry more weapons, gears, weapon mods, etc. So if you are struggling to collect more items then this Division 2 stash guide will help you.

How To Increase Stash Size

You will need some SHD Tech to buy Perks, there are SHD Tech missions in the game where you can earn enough of them. To increase the Stash size visit the Quartermaster at the Base Of Operation the White House. It will unlock the Skills and Perks Menu. There are three perks to upgrade Stash Size and each one allow you an additional slot to carry more items.

  1. Stash 1 – Increase storage by 20 slots.
  2. Stash 2 – Increase storage by 30 slots.
  3. Stash 1 – Increase storage by 50 slots.

Visit Quartermaster and press Square to launch the Skills and Perks Menu. Toggle to the Perk tab and in the second row, you will see Stash Perks box. Unlock by paying SHD Tech. With Perks you will also have to work on the Skills, it requires Skill Points to unlock. Great skills power your character and offer you more strength against enemies.

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