The Division 2 – How To Reach Endgame

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The endgame in The Division 2 can be simply termed as magnificent and Ubisoft have paid a lot of attention to it, the game takes you through all the aspects of Washington D.C with a compelling mission and so much more to offer. This guide will show you how to get to the endgame in The Division 2.

How to Reach the Endgame in The Division 2

Without going into much, you will need to complete a majority of main missions in the game, be sure to complete as many side missions as you can. These will reward you with loot that will certainly come in handy once you initiate the endgame.

You will need to do the following beforehand.

  • Reach level 30
  • Complete the level 26 District Union Arena Stronghold
  • Complete the level 28 Roosevelt Island Stronghold
  • Complete the level 30 Capitol Building Stronghold

Once you have done all this, you will receive a phone call asking you to get back to the White House. Make sure you select the proper specialization as per your strengths in the game begin where you will see the Black Tusk faction come into play.

That is all there is to reach the endgame, but there is still so much this game has to offer once you are done with the main missions. Be sure to check out our other guides on The Division 2

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