Division 2 Snitch Location – Find Jared Nash and Secret Vendor

Find Jared who will give you 52 Bounties

The Division 2 has an important NPC Character called as The Snitch. The real name of this person is Jared Nash and he controls the Deck of 52 Bounties. So it is really important to find him to get some cool rewards. Jared can found on different locations on a map, he keeps on changing his location to avoid enemies. Jared Nash (The Snitch) can help you to unlock location of secret vendor Cassie Mendoza. In this guide you will find all Division 2 Snitch Location (Jared Nash) along with info on where to find the secret vendor.

Locations To Search The Snitch (Jared Nash) & Secret Vendor Cassie Mendoza:

Open The Division 2 Map and look for a Question Mark Sign. You have to search around the marker there are max chances you will find The Snitch in the region. Once you find you will also see a shopping cart icon on the map that will take you to secret vendor Cassie Mendoza where you can buy some cool weapons. The Snitch is random, you can start looking around North eastern region of safe house in the Constitution Hall area, just look for the question mark and search around it. You can also look near West Potomac Park, on the north eastern side near the monument. Below are some maps locations you can use to search Jared.

To help you more thanks to Gosunoob for the video where you can have some four location of the Snitch. You scan the regions around and after finding The Snitch you can progress forward to meet the vendor. It is not necessary to complete the bounties.

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