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The Division 2 Armor Pack Guide – How To Farm More

Armor packs are what keep you going in The Division 2 and once depleted can start draining your health as your last bit of defense will no more be able to protect you against your enemies.

What are Armor packs in The Division 2

The white bars that you see above the orange line beside your character is the armor of your character and it can quickly deplete as you take enemy fire or an explosion occurs near you.

You health too starts to deteriorate as soon as the armor is gone which will need you to run for cover or you might even end up dying in the line of fire.

How to Get Armor Packs

Luckily there are plenty of ways you can get armor packs in The Division 2, you find them in loot boxes, or even as loot drops from enemies as you take them down, The white med-kit icon that you see after taking down an enemy is the armor pack, you will need to collect them as soon as they are destroyed to make sure that you survive the fight.

All you have to do is simply walk, or run over them to collect them, you can even check how many you have with you by looking for the same icon on the HUD beside the armor bars.

Additionally, purchasing the Restock 1: Armor kits perk at The White House Base of Operations will fully restock your armor packs every time you enter a safe zone.

Make sure you get this perk at the soonest because you will need all the protection you can get when you are trying to rid the city of enemy factions.

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