How To Forge Divine Weapon In Honkai Star Rail

Struggling with the Divine Weapon forging steps in Honkai Star Rail? Here is how you can complete this Tale of Fantastic task.

Want to forge Divine Weapon in Honkai Star Rail? Here are all the steps you need to use for crafting the weapon properly. Players can choose random order if they are only aiming to complete the mission, but it is always better to follow the steps, as this weapon might never come again. Divine Weapon is part of the Tale of the Fantastic limited-time event. You select specific materials to forge the weapon. And then give it a name. Also, till you confirm the forge, you get to restart again in case you messed up.

How to Craft Tale of the Fantastic Divine Weapon in Honkai Star Rail

Forge Divine Weapon In Honkai Star Rail

Once you have defeated the Voiddranger: Trampler and claimed Ignis Aureliae, you will get the task of forging a Divine Weapon with the high elder. Talk to Dan Heng and select “Then let’s hit the road“. Dan Heng will tell you three conditions for forging the Divine Weapon in this Honkai Star Rail event. The first condition is the materials you collected during this event. Second is the place you are in and third is the forging process.

After he is done explaining, you will get three options. Select the first dialogue. After some dialogues, you will again get three options. Choose the first one “How about you give an explanation?“. He will tell all the ingredients and their order. Now, select “I understand” to proceed. Investigate the big blue and golden color flower. Lastly, place the materials in this order to forge Honkai Divine Weapon.

  1. Put in the Bona Aqua
  2. Put in the Ignis Aureliae
  3. Put in the coolant
  4. Put the hilt-wood in first, and then the Bona Aqua.

Now you can name this Honkai Divine Weapon using any of these choices.

  • Keep the old name (Star-Shattering Blade of Truth)
  • Big Sword
  • Reaper of Nexus Modder
  • Imaginary Intra-Kinetic Portable Tactical Laser Canon

With this, you can now forge the Divine Weapon in Honkai Star Rail Tale of the Fantastic. If you are looking for similar HSR guides, you check our site and this dedicated list. You can start with the Dan Heng build and the Asta build.