Best Asta Build In Honkai Star Rail (Light Cones & Relic)

Looking forward to adding Asta as a support unit in your team? Then, check out the best Relics, & Light Cones to make a powerful Build in Honkai Star Rail.

A perfect build for Asta in Honkai Star Rail will benefit not only her but also her allies. As she is a free support unit, Asta can really come in handy in the early stages of the game. So as soon as you successfully pull her, ensure that you equip her with compatible Light Cones & Relics. For those unaware, this 4 Star unit follows the path of Harmony and uses the Fire element attacks. With the help of her Ultimate Skill, Astral Blessing, she can add quite a lot of value to the team. With that being said, let’s start making a powerful build for Asta immediately.

What is the Best Asta Build in Honkai Star Rail?

What is the Best Build for Asta in Honkai Star Rail? Relics and Light cones

Here are all the best Light Cones & Relics you should use to make a powerful build for Asta in Honkai Star Rail. For a better understanding, we’ve also explained the benefits of your chosen items.

Best Light Cones for Asta

  1. The Battle Isn’t Over – 5 Star
  2. Carve the Moon, Weave the Clouds – 4 Star
  3. Meshing Cogs – 3 Star

Above are all the Light Cones recommendations for you. Speaking of the Battle Isn’t Over; a Harmony cone can be the perfect fit for Asta. It regenerates the wearer’s energy by 10% and also regenerates 1 Skill point when Ultimate is used on the ally. However, it’ll not come cheap and will cost you 600 Undying Starlight. In this case, you can even go with other Light cones mentioned below. The 4 Star Carve the Moon, Weave the Clouds is ideally used to increase allies’ stats randomly. At the same time, the Meshing Cogs cone focuses on Energy Regeneration.

Best Relics for Asta

  • Firesmith of Lava-Forging
    • This is the best Relic for this 4 Star unit. The 2-piece set increases the damage by 10%. And the 4 Piece increases her Skill DMG by 12%. Moreover, it also buffs her Fire DMG by 12% every time she uses her ultimate.
  • Thief of Shooting Meteor
    • Alternatively, you can also go with this Relic. The 2-piece set provides buff in Break Effect by 16%. Whereas the 4 Piece set does the same but additionally regenerated 3 Energy every time the wearer inflicts Weakness Break.

That covers everything about the best Build for Asta in Honkai Star Rail (HSR). While you’re here, do check out the best Trailblazer Build to dominate the enemies in deadly battles. And if you’re running low on resources, then check out HSR Redeem Codes for some freebies.