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Should You Dismantle Or Sell Old Gear In Lost Ark?

Find out whether you should dismantle or sell your gear in Lost Ark.

Similar to other MMORPGs, inventories in Lost Ark can be jam-packed with a range of items from chests to gears. Now you can either stockpile these items or replace them with high-tier items. We suggest you do the latter as you proceed in the game. There are two options for better inventory management. You can either sell or dismantle your gear to clear your inventory in Lost Ark. But what should you do – sell or dismantle?


Should You Dismantle or Sell Gear in Lost Ark?

Before we get on to the decision, let’s understand how does dismantling and selling old gear works in this game.

What is Dismantling Gear?


  • As the name already suggests, dismantling is disassembling different pieces in items. You can keep these different items or craft them to make a new product.
  • But before dismantling items, you will have to unlock the function to dismantle.
  • If you have just begun with Lost Ark, you need to complete a quest for Archeologist Hadim to unlock dismantling items.
  • Once you have unlocked it, you can choose to either dismantle a single item or dismantle different items that fit in the same category.
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  • You will receive powder and other pieces of the gear after you have dismantled an item.
  • You can choose to keep these resources or sell them for gold coins.
  • To know how to dismantle any item, you can check our guide on how to dismantle items to know more.


How does Selling Gear Work?

  • One of the best ways to earn gold, which is a rarer currency of Lost Ark is to sell your items. And it is downright simple.
  • You just have to go to the shop and choose the sell option to sell your gear.
  • It can help you in freeing your stock-piled inventory and earn some gold coins in return.

Lost Ark – Dismantle or Sell Gear?


Now the choice to dismantle or sell is totally up to you. But in my opinion, dismantling old gear is a smarter and more efficient way. As you dismantle an item or gear, you get different pieces of that gear or items. These different pieces of gear can help you earn more gold coins than selling a single old gear to vendors. Although selling is a simpler method to earn gold, taking a tiny effort to dismantle old gear can help you earn extra gold coins.

That’s all on whether to dismantle or sell old gear in Lost Ark. If you liked this guide, you can check our other guides on how to play PvP and how to use disorder crystals in Lost Ark right here on Gamer Tweak.