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Dislyte Tier List & Reroll Guide (May 2022): Best Espers

Here are the best characters you can get in our Dislyte Tier List & Reroll Guide.

Our Dislyte Tier List & Reroll Guide will help you pick up the best hero characters in the game. So with over 70 playable characters, this is really a massive game. So if you wondering who should you aim for in reroll and how to do this, then today we will go through all of that together. Also, the game is now available through Play Store.

Also, if you are new to the game, please make sure to check out the Dislyte Codes for exclusive rewards to get you started in the game.


Dislyte Tier List (May 2022): Best Espers

dislyte characters reroll tier list

This tier list is courtesy of the official playdislyte webpage, from where you get the direct info of the way devs intended for all the characters to shine in the game. With that said, here’s Dislyte Characters Tier List with best Espers:


Tiers Dislyte Characters
SS Tier Gabrielle (Njord)
SS Tier Lin Xiao (White Tiger)
SS Tier Sally (Sif)
S Tier Asenath (Nefertem)
S Tier Cecilia (Isis)
S Tier Chalmers (Idun)
S Tier Clara (Hera)
S Tier Lauren (Heket)
S Tier Li Ling (Nezha)
S Tier Lucas (Apollo)
S Tier Melanie (Medusa)
S Tier Mona (Artemis)
S Tier Narmer (Ra)
S Tier Raven (Odin)
S Tier Sander (Set)
S Tier Sienna (Gaia)
S Tier Unas (Shu)
S Tier Ye Suhua (Shao Siming)
A Tier Biondina (Poseidon)
A Tier Bonnie (Eris)
A Tier Catherine (Hela)
A Tier Celine (Siren)
A Tier Chang Pu (Yao Ji)
A Tier Chloe (Medea)
A Tier Donar (Thor)
A Tier Drew (Anubis)
A Tier Eira (Freya)
A Tier Fabrice (Freyr)
A Tier Freddy (Fenrir)
A Tier Hyde (Hades)
A Tier Jin Yuyao (Queen Mother)
A Tier Lewis (Ares)
A Tier Long Mian (Ao Bing)
A Tier Lu Yi (Dayi)
A Tier Luo Yan (Yanluo Wang)
A Tier Q (Cupid)
A Tier Ren Si (Black Tortoise)
A Tier Tang Xuan (Sun Wukong)
A Tier Tiye (Nut)
A Tier Triki (Loki)
A Tier Unky Chai (Yue Lao)
B Tier Anesidora (Pandora)
B Tier Bai Liuli (White Snake)
B Tier Bardon (Baldr)
B Tier Brynn (Valkyrie)
B Tier David (Jason)
B Tier Dhalia (Calypso)
B Tier Djoser (Atum)
B Tier Hall (Hodur)
B Tier Heng Yue (Chang’e)
B Tier Jacob (Jormungand)
B Tier Jeanne (Gerd)
B Tier Li Ao (Tao Tie)
B Tier Lynn (Hathor)
B Tier Pritzker (Mimir)
B Tier Tang Yun (Six Eared Macaque)
B Tier Taylor (Hercules)
B Tier Tevor (Sphinx)
B Tier Xie Chuyi (Death Guard Hei)
B Tier Xie Yuzhi (Death Guard Bai)
C Tier Alexa (Aphrodite)
C Tier Arcana (Hermes)
C Tier Berenice (Bastet)
C Tier Falken (Horus)
C Tier Helena (Helen)
C Tier Jiang Man (Meng Po)
C Tier Kaylee (Anuket)
C Tier Leon (Vali)
C Tier Zelmer (Sekhmet)
D Tier Kara (Serket)
D Tier Layla (Medjed)

How to Reroll in Dislyte

Here’s the Dislyte Reroll Guide from YT channel F2PBTW:


  1. Start the game
  2. Click on your Profile Icon
  3. Then click on “Settings”
  4. This will be on the bottom part of the screen
  5. Now click on the “Services” tab
  6. Now look for ‘Account Service’
  7. Under it, click on “Initialize Account”
  8. A new window will open up now
  9. Enter the code as shown on the same screen
  10. Then click on “Confirm”
  11. Now your data is reset, and you can reroll

Check out the original video by the content creator:


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