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Dislyte Codes Wiki (November 2022) – Redeem Free Gifts!

Find out about all the Dislyte Gift Codes to redeem free rewards.

Dislyte is Role Playing by the famous developer LilithGames. The game follows superheroes known as ‘Espers,’ who are fighting to help humans to survive. Espers are powerful beings who are strong enough to fight the monsters trying to wreak havoc on earth. The powers Espers get are from famous Gods from mythologies across the world. This includes Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, and Northern European mythologies. Now it’s upon your shoulders to save the world. So to get you started, here are the new working OP Dislyte Gift Codes to get lots of free rewards in the game.


Dislyte Gift Codes Wiki (November 2022)

Dislyte Redeem Codes Gift

Here are all the Dislyte Gift Codes:

  • Dislyteytb50k – Redeem this code to get 10,000 Gold, 50 Nexus crystals
  • JontronShow – Redeem this code to get 2 Three starred rare Abilimon, 100,000 gold, 50 Nexus crystals
  • LingBigYong – Redeem this code to get 100,000 gold, 50 Nexus crystals, 5 basic divine wave opt-packs
  • JoinDislyte – Redeem this code for free Rewards.
  • StiSkiCrimax – Redeem this code to get 100,000 Gold, an 8-hour XP booster, and a Stamina supply pack.
  • AviveHD – Redeem this code to get 100,000 Gold, x50 Nexus crystals, 3-starred rare Experimon, and 4-starred basic Experimon.
  • TGTyoutube – Redeem this code for Three-starred rare Starimon, 4 Basic experimon, x50 nexus crystals, 8-hour XP boost.

Expired Codes

Here are all the codes that are invalid or stopped working:

  • Dislyte2022 – Redeem code for free x1 Stamina Supply Pack (EXPIRED)
  • HAPPYEASTER2022 – Redeem code for free x100 Cube Stone & +2 star Experimon (EXPIRED)
  • PlayDislyte – Redeem code for free x100 Gems (EXPIRED)
  • Zoxlyte – Redeem this code for free Rewards.

How to Redeem Codes?

Here’s how to redeem Dislyte Codes:

  1. Start the game
  2. Click on your ‘Player Avatar’ icon
  3. This will open up your ‘Squad Space’
  4. Now click on ‘Settings’
  5. You can find it on the bottom right side of the screen
  6. From the middle tab, click on “Services”
  7. Then click on “Gift Code”
  8. A new redemption window will open now
  9. Copy & paste a working code from our life
  10. Click on “Confirm” to get your rewards

That’s all you need to know about our Dislyte Gift Codes. We have got quite a lot of codes and tips for many mobile games in our Mobile Game Guides specifically for all the popular ones out there. You can also search for the name of the game you’re playing on Gamer Tweak and we will probably have an article for it that gives you all the latest info. So go ahead and explore right away!