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How To Easily Quote Someone On Discord

Trying to figure out how to quote someone on Discord? You're in luck! Check it out right here

How to quote someone on Discord is a question that is asked around the internet by a lot of people since it isn’t explicitly clear on how to do it, or even if you can at all. We’re here to let you know that not only can you quote someone but there are multiple ways to do that. Check out all the different ways to quote someone on Discord right here.

How To Quote Someone On Discord

To quote someone on Discord, you can use single-line, multi-line, or block quotes. Each one has a different use and can help you to get your points across to the hundreds of people on your discord server. While quotes weren’t available when Discord was made available but were added in 2020.

how to quote someone on discord

Quoting someone on Discord will help you highlight other people’s messages and the same process can be used across all platforms with different devices.

How To Use Single-line Quotes On Discord

To use single-line quotes on Discord, you will need to add ( > ) followed by a space before your text. Just use the symbol without the quotation mark and it will help you quote someone else’s message with one line text.

Make sure that your text does not have any line breaks and is concise. Single-line quotes can be used to bring something important to attention and make sure that it does not get lost.

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How To Use Multi-line Quotes On Discord

Multi-line codes work similarly to single-line codes but they are used when there is a line break in your text. If you have something that has a lot of text that you wish to convey, using the multi-line quote will enable you to write multiple paragraphs.

This will help you to put your thoughts in detail and not have to be limited with your words. While you can use the > symbol before every paragraph, it is easier to just use ( >>> ) followed by a space before your text on the first line.

This will format your text to have paragraphs and you won’t have to use the symbol every time. While these are useful they’re not the only option that you have.

How To Use Code Blocks To Quote Someone On Discord

To use code blocks to quote someone on Discord, all you have to do is ( ` ) symbol before and after your text without spaces. This will help you highlight, specific words or phrase and bring things to attention.

It is easy enough to lose track of things when the chat is overflowing with tons of texts, using the above methods will help you to ensure not all is lost.

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