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Discord Account Disabled For Suspicious Activity – What Does It Mean?

Are you wondering why is your Discord Account disabled? Find out what to do when you get the message that your account has been disabled for suspicious activity.

Discord launched back in 2015 but it grew exponentially over the next few years. In 2020, it reached 100 million monthly active users and 10.6 million peak concurrent users. These numbers are huge and prove the great level of success this platform has achieved. But recently, many players are seeing that their Discord account was disabled for suspicious activity. What does this mean and what should you do when this happens? Find out here.

Discord: Your Account Has Been Disabled – What to Do?

Usually, Discord accounts are disabled if the ToS or Community guidelines are violated. But if your account was disabled due to a ban wave that has occurred, it could be that your account was falsely flagged due to a bug. Players were logged out of their accounts and are finding it difficult to log back in. You may even have tried to do a password reset due to the suspicious activity email. Rest assured that Discord is aware of this issue. The official twitter account has mentioned it and informed users that the team is rolling back the false flags. Players will be able to access their accounts again soon.

Here’s the tweet:

And here’s another one:

Why is my Discord Account Disabled?

Discord: Your Account Has Been Disabled

The problem was with the anti-abuse system and many accounts were false flagged which led to the suspicious activity message. So, don’t worry about this issue if Discord is logging you out. This is being fixed right now so there’s nothing really you can do from your end. Keep an eye on the official @Discord twitter account to stay up to date with the latest information regarding this issue.

You can also check the twitter search results to see if there was a ban wave recently. But if that’s not the case, you can contact the aforementioned twitter account or Discord support to know more about why your account was disabled.

That’s what you need to know about Discord account being disabled due to suspicious activity and what it means for users. In case you are curious to know, find out more about the rumor on Discord getting shut down in 2022.

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