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Dinkum: How To Plant Trees & Tree Seeds

Check out our guide to find out how to plant trees and tree seeds in Dinkum.

Dinkum is a multiplayer farming simulator set around the Australian-inspired open world. The word Dinkum is Australian slang that translates to authentic or honest. As there are several factors related to farming, most players are looking to plant seeds and trees. So, here’s our guide on how to plant Trees and tree seeds in Dinkum.

How to Plant Trees & Tree Seeds in Dinkum

Similar to most Farming Similar Simulators, you need to dig the ground to plant the seeds and trees. You need to use fertilizers and water them daily to grow them. Every seed or tree grows within its own time. While some crops grow fast, some crops are produced by the end of a season.

Here’s how to plant seeds or trees:

  • As mentioned before, till the ground using a shovel.
  • After digging a hole, hit the Q button to plant or bury the seed.
dinkum plant trees tree seeds
Image Source – Dinkum Dev on YouTube.
  • Once you have planted a seed, it all depends on when it grows.
  • There are several factors related to these crops.
  • Some seeds can be planted close to each other, while some need additional space between them.
  • You need to water and use fertilizers for some crops regularly.

Also, note that you can find several items and collectibles as you till the ground.

How to Get a Shovel

  • Before you plant crops, you need an Excavation License.
  • You can get this license from Fletch that allows you to use a Shovel. It will cost you 500 Permit points.
  • Once you have got the License, head to John to purchase a shovel for 900 Dinks.
  • Now, for these seeds, you can either buy crop seeds from Rayne or chop down the trees and bushes.

For more insight, check out our farming guide on how to get a Sprinkler and farm.

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