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Dinkum: How To Get Scarecrow

Here's your guide to getting a Scarecrow in Dinkum.

Dinkum is a life-sim farming game that allows the player to create and develop their civilization. One can grow their own farm with a wide variety of vegetables and fruits on it. Besides that, there are lots of animals roaming on the island. Including birds that are always ready to ruin the crops you grow. In such conditions, one can craft and put a scarecrow on their farm to protect them from birds. Here’s your guide to getting a scarecrow in Dinkum.

How to Get a Scarecrow in Dinkum


How to get a Scarecrow in Dinkum
Image Source – PapaRossi (Youtube)

This game is very detailed and it shows plants’ health when someone tries to destroy them. There are various non-playable characters in the game who are related to specific activities. Follow the points to unlock the recipe for crafting a scarecrow:

  • Go to the visitor’s site and meet Franklyn. He is one of the NPCs who visit your island early in the game. Franklyn is a scientist who invents items in exchange for Shiny Discs.
  • Complete his requests to make him a permanent resident of your island.
  • Find as many shiny discs as possible using a Metal Detector because they are found buried under the ground.
  • To unlock Metal Detector for purchase at John’s Goods, you will need a Metal Detector License.
  • Unlock the recipe for Scarecrow at Franklyn’s in exchange for Shiny Discs.
  • The recipe appears randomly in form of blueprints on Franklyn’s table.
  • Once unlocked, go into the woods to cut down some trees to convert them into gum logs.
  • Go to Rayne’s and purchase Pumpkin’s seed to farm it.
  • Head to the rainforest and collect some Spinifex Tufts.
  • Now craft a Scarecrow using a Crafting Bench by processing 1x Pumpkin, 2x Gum Logs, and 8x Spinifex Tufts.
  • The scarecrow is now available in your inventory.


That’s all you should know about getting  Scarecrows in Dinkum. If you find this article helpful, then make sure to check out our Dinkum Farming Guide.