Digital Girls Tier List – Best Characters Ranked

Karan Pahuja
3 Min Read

Digital Girls: Idle RPG has more than 100+ monsters to collect that you can later evolve into girls. But some of them are just stronger than others. This is to be expected when a game has this many options. So to help you out we have made this Tier List of the best characters in Digital Girls. And to keep this list simple we have only selected the best ones in the game. So here are them all.

Digital Girls Tier List – Character Ranked from Best to Worst

Digital Girls Tier List

Girl Tier
Crimson S Tier
Mirage S Tier
Chaos S Tier
Ryver S Tier
Lotus S Tier
Heim S Tier
Blaze A Tier
Crocoking A Tier
Sue A Tier
Rockie A Tier
Panther A Tier
Aponi A Tier
Dolphine A Tier
Diva A Tier
Icewhale A Tier
Gaia A Tier
Akash A Tier
Ponda B Tier
Toxishark B Tier
Firedrake B Tier
Skyflamer B Tier
Aleister B Tier
Fluffy B Tier
Windrider B Tier
Rapier C Tier
Tornado C Tier
Sheepy C Tier
Coldblade C Tier
Houndfang C Tier
Wingspirit C Tier
Scorpiontail C Tier
Martialita C Tier
Snowolf C Tier

The characters given here are best recommended for mid-game and later. So some of the higher characters here might give you a bit of trouble in the early game. But as you progress they will be a lot more handy.

The S Tier characters are the absolute best in the game and ones that you cannot go wrong with. So always try getting them. A Tier characters are the next best ones in the game. B Tier characters are decent and many players should find them good. As for the C Tier characters, they should be your last option. Finally, any other character not mentioned here is not worth using. These are typically 3-star or lower characters.

These were all the best girls in Digital Girls: Idle RPG. If you enjoyed this list then also check out our Tier List section. Here you can see the rankings of characters for popular games like Honkai Star Rail, Genshin Impact, and more.