Genshin Impact Characters Tier List – Best In V3.6

Here's a tier list featuring the best characters in Genshin Impact.

Whether you are an OG player or newly joining the world of Genshin Impact, you will need to know which are the best characters to use and that’s why we have created this tier list. Players can obtain new characters by playing the story, completing events, or via the Gacha (Wish) system, so it’s crucial to know if there’s someone new you’d like to main.

With every latest update, players get a chance to try out a new character, so, here are our recommendations of the best Genshin Impact characters that you can pull. This may be different from your experience, so with that in mind, let’s begin.

Genshin Impact Best Characters Tier List

SS Tier

  • Ganyu
  • Arataki Itto
  • Bennett
  • Ayaka
  • Zhongli
  • Yelan
  • Hu Tao
  • Kazuha
  • Raiden Shogun
  • Alhaitham
  • Xiangling
  • Xingqiu
  • Venti
  • Nahida

S Tier

  • Klee
  • Diluc
  • Yae Miko
  • Sucrose
  • Xiao
  • Razor
  • Kokomi
  • Albedo
  • Baizhu
  • Childe
  • Diona
  • Fischl
  • Yanfei
  • Yun Jin
  • Gorou
  • Kuki
  • Mona
  • Shenhe
  • Collei
  • Cyno
  • Eula
  • Jean
  • Faruzan
  • Tighnari
  • Yoimiya
  • Keqing
  • Sucrose

A Tier

  • Nilou
  • Candace
  • Qiqi
  • Kaeya
  • Sara
  • Sayu
  • Chongyun
  • Dori
  • Layla
  • Yaoyao
  • Heizou
  • Noelle
  • Rosaria
  • Kaveh
  • Thoma
  • Wanderer
  • Ningguang
  • Mika
  • Aloy

B tier

  • Dheya
  • Lisa
  • Amber
  • Traveler
  • Xinyan

This list can be overwhelming for new players, but don’t worry. We will go through each and every character mentioned in our Genshin Impact tier list above and explain why they are the best or average.

SS Tier Characters


ganyu ss tier best character genshin impact

Ganyu is a Cryo DPS character who can fire iced arrows that deal Cryo DMG. When you charge attack to level 2, she will unleash a Frostflake Arrow that will not only deal damage but also weaken enemies in an area after your shot hits a target. Her Celestial Shower will summon a Sacred Cryo pearl which rains down ice shards on enemies in a particular area. Meanwhile, her Ice Lotus will lure enemies to attack it only to get damaged/killed in the process.

Arataki Itto

arataki itto

Arataki Itto is a Geo DPS character who uses a Claymore to deal massive damage. He has the ability to perform up to 4 consecutive strikes (Normal Attack), Charged attack as well as a Plunging attack which deals AoE DMG. When his second and fourth strikes hit enemies, he gets 1 and 2 stacks of Superlative Superstrength. Apart from that, when he uses consecutive Arataki Kesagiri, he gains various effects like an increase in the ATK SPD with every slash and an increase in his resistance to interruption. With this character, you need to focus on his Charged Attacks and Elemental Burst because that’s his main source of damage.



Bennett is a Pyro character who was raised in Mondstadt’s Adventurer’s Guild. He uses a Sword as a weapon which can perform up to 5 rapid strikes. To deal AoE damage, you can use a Plunging attack and damage enemies along the way. With the help of flame strikes and jumping attacks, he can deal Pyro DMG, making him one of the best characters in the game roster. That’s not all – he can create an inspiration field through which the health of a party member within the AoE regenerates. If their health is higher than 70%, then they receive an ATK bonus/buff.


kamisato ayaka

Kamisato Ayaka is a Cryo character who is beautiful, graceful and noble. She uses a Sword to perform 5 rapid strikes and also deal AoE damage. When she summons blooming ice, you can deal AoE Cryo damage to enemies and freeze them. Plus, she can also summon a snowstorm that slashes every enemy that dares to come near it, and at its end, it will also explode.



Zhongli is a Geo character who wields a Polearm. He can command the power of earth to create a Stone Stele and deal AoE Geo damage. The Stone Stele can be climbed on or used to block enemy attacks. Moreover, Zhongli can also create a Jade shield which possesses 150% DMG Absorption against all Elemental and Physical damage. The shield also protects party members.


yelan genshin

Yelan is a stylish and cool Hydro character who is also pretty mysterious. Her weapon is a bow with which she can land consecutive shots as well as rain down a shower of arrows. Her powers are pretty cool too. With Lingering Lifeline, she can move quickly while marking opponents along the way and also dealing Hydro damage to them. With Depth Clarion Dice, she can deal AoE hydro damage. Overall, her presence provides a combination of DPS and support for the team.

Hu Tao

hu tao genshin impact tier list

Hu Tao is a pyro DPS character who wields a Polearm. One of her attacks if the Spirit Soother which commands a blazing spirit to attack and cause AoE pyro damage and it refills a percentage of her max HP when it hits enemies. Apart from that, her Guide to Afterlife elemental skill will consume a bit of her current health to deal damage to nearby enemies back and then she enters the Paramita Papilio state. This stat will increase her ATK, convert attack damage to pyro damage and also boosts her resistance to interruption. If you like to deal a lot of damage fast, this character could be the one for you.


kazuha genshin

When Kazuha deals a Plunging attack with the effects of Elemental Skill Chihayaburu, the Attack damage gets converted to Anemo damage and enemies get pulled into a tornado of sorts. His abilities can decrease sprinting stamina usa for your party by 20% as well. All in all, he’s quite a versatile choice for your team.

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