All Difficulty Levels Explained In Sons Of The Forest

Here's a guide explaining all the difficulty levels in Sons of the Forest.

Are you wondering what each difficulty level means in Sons of the Forest and how fierce and terrifying the experience will be? Then you are at the right place as this guide is all you will need. While the game is certainly difficult at times, that entirely depends on which mode you are planning to play. For instance, you can even roam around the island without having to worry a lot about the mechanics. And for that, you don’t even need the best mods, all you need is the correct difficulty level. Whether you are a beginner or a player who loves challenges, Sons of the Forest offers all of them. So if you are interested in understanding what difficulty suits you best, we recommend you go through this guide.

All Sons Of The Forest Difficulty Levels Explained

Sons of the Forest Difficulty Level Explained

While Sons of the Forest is certainly terrifying due to the inhabitants of the island you crash land on, there are moments when the survival game can be quite entertaining. So if you want to avoid these inhabitants, there is a mode for that. If you want to face the worst of these enemies, you can simply head over to the most difficult settings. Or you can even set custom settings depending on what you want. We recommend you check each difficulty level and what they mean in Sons of the Forest below.

Peaceful Difficulty Level

Peaceful Mode removes the inhabitants from the main part of the island. It does not mean that you won’t face them at all. You can face these enemies while you are close to cave entrances and other bunkers in the game. This difficulty level allows you to explore the building and survival part of the game without having to worry about enemies at every nook and corner. This is perfect for beginners in the game.

Normal Difficulty Level

This is the balanced mode of the game that focuses on survival as well as combat challenges. It is almost like Peaceful mode but you will have to be a bit more careful as the inhabitants are free around many areas. Keep in mind that this is the most recommended setting in the game. While the challenges will certainly make this difficult, this is the best level to play Sons of the Forest.

Hard Difficulty Level

As you can pretty much guess by now, hard difficulty will push you to extremities with the survival and combat challenges. Resources will be at an all time low and the enemies won’t be pulling their punches anymore. The other survival mechanics are also going to hit hard. This mode is for those players who have managed to complete and master the early access already.

Custom Difficulty Level

As the name suggests, you can create your own custom difficulty to help you focus on parts of the game that you want to try. This is quite suitable for players as there is an entire dedicated section to set the game as you wish.

That’s all there is on all Sons of the Forest Difficulty Levels. While you are here, make sure you check out our other Sons of the Forest guides right here at Gamer Tweak.